Top Instagram Followers Strategies: What Works and What Doesn’t

Are you looking to boost your Instagram profile? Whether you’re a business, influencer or individual, it can be difficult to increase your followers on Instagram. After all, there are millions of accounts out there competing for attention. The good news is that with the right strategy in place, you can grow your audience quickly and effectively. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best strategies for increasing your Instagram followers and provide tips on what works – and what doesn’t. Before we start, however, it’s worth noting that if you want buy instagram followers cheap then many companies offer this service to help kickstart your journey.

What Are The Benefits Of Increasing Your Instagram Followers?

Before looking at how to increase your following on Instagram, let’s take a moment to consider why it’s even important in the first place. There are several benefits associated with having more people follow you such as:

  • Increased Reach & Visibility – Having more followers helps make sure that whatever content you post reaches more people who may be interested in what you have to say or offer.
  • More Engagement – Not only does an increased follower count mean more reach but also more engagement with each piece of content shared due to the higher levels of exposure.
  • Improved Credibility – From potential customers’ perspective, seeing that a lot of other people already follow and trust an account provides validation which boosts credibility significantly.

 How To Increase Your Followers On Instagram?

Now let’s move onto the main topic; how do you actually get more people following your page? Well here are some tips which should help:

1) Post Quality Content Regularly & Strategically

The number one rule when it comes to growing any type of social media presence is creating high quality posts regularly (ideally daily). However this isn’t enough; its important too curate these posts strategically as well using insights from analytics tools like Insights which will tell you exactly when most people are online so that can time accordingly for maximum impact.

2) Use Hashtags & Geotags To Boost Visibility 

Another great way to get noticed by new audiences is by leveraging hashtags related to topics discussed in the post as well making use of geotags if possible too since they help narrow down searches even further allowing users who don’t know about you yet find their way over easily especially if they’re looking specifically within certain geographic areas etcetera..

3) Be Active In Communities And Related Accounts

Interacting with other users through commenting/liking posts or sharing content from them not only builds relationships but also increases visibility since being active shows up in peoples feeds increasing chances someone notices and decides check out account leading potentially lead towards gaining few new follows every now then depending upon how often engage others..

4) Utilise Contests & Giveaways As An Engagement Tool 

Organising contests giveaways incentivises existing followers share information about page their peers thus making easier spreading word further reaching wider range potential customers while simultaneously boosting numbers naturally just remember create interesting prizes make sure stay compliant social media policies regards running competitions otherwise risks being shut down before could reap rewards from efforts invested into planning executing campaign successfully!

5) Leverage Influencers For Cross-Promotion Opportunities

Collaborating influencers another great way drive traffic towards own profile since these industry leaders already command huge following highly likely significant portion those fans end up checking out work seeing something like might result them wanting followwell simply endorsing product services either directly indirectly giving shoutouts anything similar still beneficial terms getting recognised larger segments populations ultimately leads greater number follows…

6) Take Advantage Of Paid Advertising Platforms  

Finally paid advertising platforms such Google Ads Facebook Ads allow targeting certain demographics interests putting front eyes thousands hundreds thousand individuals meaning even small budget yields results when done correctly giving tangible return investment spent money trying promote account plus option test different strategies see performs best thereby cutting losses ones proven ineffective focusing energy efforts into direction drives highest amount traffic hence maximising effectiveness campaigns launched purpose driving bigger better numbers overall..


In conclusion, all these strategies outlined above are effective ways for increasing your followers on Instagram and should form part of any successful growth plan going forward whether choose utilise organic methods via collaborations influencers paid advertising spend little bit both combine together order maximise efficiency whatever route decide taking initiative start implementing plans set yourself apart competitors remains single most important thing achieve desired objectives striving for!

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