Reddit Karma- What Is It And How Does It Work?

Reddit has become a social media juggernaut, with more than 100 million users logging into the site every month. One way to get noticed in this massive community is by earning some Reddit Karma. As with most things on Reddit, there are two sides to the story. For those who think that Reddit Karma is a meaningless number that doesn’t matter, I’m here to tell you otherwise. 

Karma is a ranking system for Reddit users similar to how Facebook’s “likes” or Twitter follows work. On Reddit, users earn points based on the content they post and the upvotes and downvotes their posts receive. The more karma you have, the better your chances of getting seen by the Reddit community. If you want others to see your posts, you need to get them attention with upvotes. And if you want to hide from the community, you should limit what people see by downvoting. It’s pretty simple. 

However, like anything else on Reddit, there can be many misconceptions about the value of karma. Is it real? Are users rewarded for positive comments? What does it really mean when someone says they have a lot of Karma? Here’s everything you need to know about Reddit Karma. 

What is Reddit Karma? 

In short, Karma is the reputation a user accrues over time for doing good things on Reddit. When someone receives negative Karma, it means they’re posting bad or inaccurate information, and that’s not what Reddit is all about. However, Karma isn’t always a positive thing. Sometimes users lose Karma because of something they’ve done wrong. 

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You’ll find people complaining about losing Karma on Reddit. But just like any other social network, there are plenty of reasons why people might want to keep their Karma hidden — whether it’s for privacy reasons, reputation management, or just wanting to stay under the radar. 

For example, let’s say you’re a famous celebrity looking to build brand recognition through Reddit. You could use your high-profile account to upvote stories about yourself and your favorite products and movies. This is great for gaining exposure. The problem is that you may also gain a lot of Negative Karma as well — which will make it difficult for viewers to view your stuff. 

If you’re looking for ways to increase your Reddit Karma while staying anonymous, then here are three tips. First, don’t go overboard with self-promotion. Don’t spam or repeatedly post the same article. Instead, focus on creating engaging content that’s useful to others. Second, avoid controversial topics. Remember, Reddit is a place where opinions differ and people often disagree. If you want to stay under the radar, steer clear of political discussions and anything controversial. Finally, be sure to thank everyone who helped promote your post. Give credit where credit is due. 

Another important point to remember is that Reddit Karma only applies to Reddit itself. Your Karma score won’t affect your Google+ profile or LinkedIn account. It only matters on Reddit. 

How Does Reddit Karma Work? 

There are a few different ways to earn Karma on Reddit. You can earn karma through good behavior. Good behavior includes sharing interesting articles, participating in conversations, answering questions, creating helpful links and resources, and providing positive feedback. 

The best way to do this is by using the Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES). RES gives you a ton of tools to customize your experience and improve the quality of your interactions. This includes features like upvote/downvote buttons, an inbox, a built-in search tool, a news feed, and much more. 

You can also earn Karma by giving out positive Karma to others. You can choose to give out Karma to anyone who comments on any one of your posts. Or you can pick specific subreddits to give Karma to. You can even set up certain criteria to determine who gets Karma. 

Finally, you can buy karma. There are several companies that offer karma services, including KarmaBits, RedditAds and KarmaPay. These sites sell karma credits for $5 to $10 each. Users typically exchange these virtual coins for actual Karma points on Reddit. 

Benefits of Having Good Karma on Reddit 

Having good Karma on Reddit has its perks. Not only is it a measure of popularity on the social platform, but it can help boost a user’s career or business. Some users have been able to launch their own careers off of their Reddit presence. 

For example, there was once a Redditor named /u/danielpaulkirk who started his own online marketing company based entirely on Reddit. He used Reddit to generate leads, connect with customers, and develop relationships. In fact, he eventually made a deal with a large ecommerce retailer to sell his products directly through the website. 

Not only did Daniel Paul Kirk start his own business, but he also created a YouTube channel where he talks about marketing, entrepreneurship, and life in general. His videos have amassed hundreds of thousands of views and he now runs a team of six employees. 

And it wasn’t long before other entrepreneurs began to realize the potential power of Karma. Business owners started purchasing Karma credits in bulk so that they could promote themselves on multiple subreddits without paying anything extra. 

One example of this is /r/hivemind, a subreddit dedicated to marketing. HiveMind founder Aaron Nee believes that buying Karma is a quick and easy way to get noticed on Reddit and gain traction in the marketplace. In order to buy karma credits, you need to create an account at KarmaBits. You can then log in and purchase credits to promote your accounts or websites. 

Other marketers have taken this approach to the extreme. They’ll pay people to post links to their websites, products, and services on Reddit. 

But what happens when someone buys fake karma? What if someone tries to game the system to make their competitors look bad? Can Karma lead to scams? 

It’s true that there are scammers out there trying to take advantage of Reddit users. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know whether someone is legit until you reach out to them. So if you ever feel unsure, don’t spend money on Karma. Just be careful and proceed with caution. 

That being said, there are plenty of legitimate ways to buy Karma. And there are several reputable Karma sellers that you can trust. I’d recommend reading reviews if you decide to buy Karma. Also, you should never give out personal information such as bank account details or phone numbers. 

One last note about Karma: It doesn’t matter in what form it comes. Whether you buy karma credits for $5, $10 or $100, it still counts toward your total Karma. 

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