Mobile Friendly Tips Consider Designing Website

There is a lot of conversation about having a mobile friendly website design and why having a responsive website it’s crucial for business. Moving into the mobile space can be tough and there are a lot of considerations that need to be considered such as the project design scope, what mobile phone devices to target and also tablets and Ipads. Today, I shall discuss some guidelines to consider when embarking and adapting a website for mobile.

Have a clear vision

I cannot stress enough that simplicity is the most important factor when designing a mobile website. User experience is crucial. Content congestion, bad navigation and UX design can put a user off from visiting a website. Keep it simple from day one and have a clear project scope and vision.

Mobile website redirection

I have seen websites that prompt a user to click on the mobile version of their website, which is a bad user experience. Why not set up a mobile server redirection for visitors so that they are automatically redirected to your mobile website.

Be concise with design

There is nothing more frustrating than being lost on a website. This is an unsatisfying experience for a visitor. Have the most relevant and important content on your website and don’t clutter or overbear people with information. Directing a visitor in where to go will always give a pleasant experience when they are navigating your website.

Incorporate your website brand

Include your logo, business color scheme and fonts within your mobile website. This can be easily achieved through CSS. Not only will users able to identify your business it will also match a business’s desktop website version.

Mobile version compatibility

It is always vital to consider user experience testing (UAT testing) so that a mobile website can cater for all smartphone devices. Every smartphone device has their own operating system and screen resolutions so it’s imperative for a mobile website to look pleasing and nice on all devices.

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