An Automated Shopping Bot Released From Custody

We have all heard about people being imprisoned, but it’s rather shocking to know that a bot has recently been imprisoned. However, that’s exactly what happened with an automated shopping Bitcoin bot! So, how did this mess all end up happening?

It turns out that a shopping bot was making purchases. The reason it was doing so was irrelevant, and due to a mix-up it was thought to be compulsory to get that bot in custody that was originally made to use bitcoins.

A Robotic Criminal?

The purpose of this shopping bot was to purchase from the dark web with the use of bitcoins. The bot started to make purchases of different items from the agora.

To spend almost 100 bitcoins a week, the budget was carefully crafted. This robot used to spend this money on things it randomly chooses. Having the budget of such bitcoins only for a bot and in the period for a week, it sounds too much.

We can also guess the team behind the bot was practicing for its future activities. Who could show machines how to manage those tasks? No doubt about it, this bot event has attracted much interest.

Now this may seem to be a little bit weird that the items that were purchased by this bot are now being exhibited. Its functionality seems to get a lot of attention from media and the public. Many came to the exhibition of the bot as well as the items it bought held last 1st January.

Who Made the Bot?

At the moment, the major question is who is liable for the bot as it obviously didn’t act autonomously or break the law on its own such as purchasing ecstasy pills from the dark web marketplace.

The team behind the bot stated earlier that the bot is no longer in custody. The bot cannot be prosecuted in connection with its shopping. At the time of returning the bot, all of the items were returned except for ecstasy pills.

The incarceration of this shopping bot was unpleasant news. Bitcoins are already being criticized for nothing. Thanks to this event, people who hate bitcoins have something to talk about now.

Bitcoin authorities have nothing to do with this event and yet, they will be questioned about the actions of this bot. In simple words, the Bitcoin authorities will be deemed responsible for all this mess. At this moment, we are waiting to see how this story develops.

It’s possible that this could result in many critics dragging all the supposed problems with Bitcoin transactions out again, repeating the same cliched claims that have made it difficult to get bitcoins widely accepted.

Do you think that such automated bots doing shopping anonymously by using bitcoins is a better change for the society? Or is it just a publicity gimmick of bitcoins shopping bot?

Is it a good experience for shoppers to shop with an automated bot around? We need your views to evaluate the likes and dislikes.

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