6 Awesome Minecraft Puzzle Maps

Minecraft worlds are not always just about exploration and building new structures; some players like to use advanced techniques to create puzzles for other players to try and solve. Along with adventure and parkour maps, Minecraft puzzle maps have quickly grown in popularity, leading to thousands of different puzzle maps from which to pick. Following are 6 of our favorite puzzle maps for Minecraft.

The Factory

In this map, the player spawns inside a factory that has been locked up for Christmas. There is an exit in the back of the factory, but the player must survive the many traps and enemies in the factory to reach it. The author promises jumping puzzles, closing walls, mazes to solve and the danger of fire as potential threats on your journey out of the factory.

Puzzle Castle

In this map, the player must rely on his own intellect and logic skills to figure out how to bypass the rooms of the huge castle before him. With puzzles involving a wide range of objects such as sand and sugar cane, there are many unexpected surprises here. The author specifies some rules for the challenge:

  • Do not use other mods
  •  Follow the rules on the signs
  • Think outside of the box

Escape of the Mind II: The Edge of Perception

This map is the successor to the author’s first map called Escape of the Mind. What makes this map stand out from the other Minecraft puzzles is the fact it is a hybrid map: half-puzzle, half-optical illusion. The rules of this puzzle map are:

  • Unless instructed otherwise, do not break blocks
  • Play with headphones in the dark

The Epic Snow Hunt

This map is compromised of four separate maps, each with a snowball at the end that serves as a prize for completing it. To win the puzzle, players must bring all four snowballs to the locked door, which opens the door to one final challenge. There are only two simple rules for this puzzle map:

  • Do not break any blocks
  • Do not place any blocks

Monarch of Madness

In a normal game of Minecraft, your character has no story; however, this map changes that by giving your character a little backstory. Here, the player is the Monarch of Madness, having just woken up after a 50-year slumber. The only thing the player knows right now is that his long-dead butler has left a few notes for him that tell him the kingdom is being taken over. The player must now fight to regain control of the kingdom through blood, sweat and plenty of puzzles to solve.

Enigma Island

The author for this map has created an enormous island, immediately tossing the player into a mystery as he wakes up with a broken boat on shore. The very few rules of this puzzle include:

These are only a few of the thousands of Minecraft puzzle maps available; once you finish these, your journey is just beginning!

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